29 June 2011

Mama's Little Helpers

Today was a fairly busy day - especially for it being summer vacation for this teacher. I had to work and the munchkins had to come with me. Luckily, their auntie was able to pick them up about halfway through the day and take them to the pool. Thanks, Auntie! By the time I picked them up and got home it was shortly after 4:00.

While I relaxed for a bit, the kiddos cleaned their rooms. When it was time for supper, I said that they could unload the dishwasher while I got supper ready. Much to my astonishment there were no accompanying wails or gnashing of teeth! Both darlings were very willing to do it without any grumbling whatsoever. In fact, they even (dare I say?) seemed enthusiastic about it. (I wonder what they want???)

After taking them to VBS, I came home and decided to fix myself a plate. This is what I saw:

Please don't think that I normally put dishes away all mixed together. Not there's anything wrong with that. For all I know you might put your dishes away like this. But, as I am wont to do, I digress. This, my dear friends, was the work of my little angels. Normally, this would have bothered me and I would put them back the way I wanted them. And I would have told the munchkins as soon as they walked in the door from VBS how to do it the right way. But who says this way is wrong?

Honestly, I was just thrilled that they were both willing to help me and not grumble about it. And that is bigger and more important than the dishes being put away perfectly.  Mama's happy. And the kids are proud of being able to help (which warms Mama's heart).

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